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I also just got a call from this number. Some foreign guy saying he was from Windows Technical Support regarding my Windows Computer. He said they detected malware on my computer and needed to clean it up for me. I said we have Webroot Security and it already does that. He then said, Yes, but thats an antivirus protector. We just need to clean up your computer. Then I said, What? You can see whats on my computer right now? I dont think what ever youre offering is better than Webroot Security - which protects against viruses. Than he said, Oh my God, you dont even know what Im trying to tell you. I cant believe this. Webroot is an antivirus protector. We detected malware in your computer and need to clean it up and your account with Webroot Security expired. I guess they think they can make up whatever they want even if its not expired, maybe theyll think they can scare me and Ill think it is. I also told them my husband works with computers and keeps it cleaned up and hung up on him. I guess by talking to people like theyre idiots will really get you to buy what theyre selling - not.