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Latest Comments for 205-530

July 30 12:48 pm
These are credit card scammers. They had a different number that they were calling me from (about 5x a day for years) and even the Do Not Call list wouldnt make them stop. I did an internet search of the previous number and found out that my phone company (WOW Cable) does have a free service that you can block up to eleven numbers. I did that a week ago, and ... finally silence, until today. They have a new number (above) and I get the same robot call. It is a scam to get you lower interest rates on your credit cards. All they do is get your information and empty your bank accounts. What has happened to our government that they havent figured out yet how to catch these crooks. BE CAREFUL. When I talk to a person and ask them to stop, they immediately hang up on me. Find out if your telephone service provider allows you to block phone numbers. Im tired of it all.

August 18 12:26 pm
Hey, good news...people like you are needed for great paying jobs...Grammar/spelling police are in high demand.If you want to use your super spelling skills, go find a place where people care. This is a message board and no one is writing a thesis. Grow up!

July 14 4:26 am
I received a call from Dexter White from this number (209-244-7246) stating he was calling  from Cashloans USA. Needless to say I went to Western Union and sent Thomas Fugnitti (manager)  $200.00 for a $6000, that I never received.  I was very desperate at the that time, and wanted to believe it was true.  Trying to raise three children it was my last $200.00, and they took it, even after I explained that I was have financial difficulties.

August 12 1:46 pm
SPAM text: You've just been Selected to Win a 1000$ Best Buy Gift card! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter 7777 will receive it!

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