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Latest Comments for 208-712

July 15 2:45 am
Ya i just got this call and im with AT&T... It is an Indian person that keeps saying hello. then he hangs up. One other thing that happens is they call...and waits...and waits...then says goodbye in some kind of recording. :/

August 8 11:10 am
Someone called me and said that my husband and I won 1 of 5 prizes, but we had to go to New Orleans to claim it . We would need provide a check stub, debit card, and/or a blank check with our information whited out.

August 7 11:21 pm
My husband managed to waste a lot of their time today, and then hung up on them! He thought it was very funny that the man at the other end of the line actually thought we had accounts with the Bank of Outer Mongolia and the Bank of Inner Mongolia and asked for their phone numbers. This is just the opposite of what our AG's office told us to do, but we do not have caller ID on all of our phones and sometimes answer.

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