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Latest Comments for 209-286

2015-07-06 07:12:24
I picked up the call, silent, I hanged up.

2015-08-27 09:17:41
I don\'t know who is calling frm dis number..........daily am getting call from dis number

2015-07-03 07:18:23
im going thru a thing with stats canada now myself... its a survey for the unemployment rate for canada. they visited my home the first time and now tell me they are going to call me every month for the next 6 months to basically ask the same questions. dont really know how it all comes out in the report for unemplyment but this is what im told..

2015-08-05 23:30:07
I just called them back and it was due to an order of Flex Seal. First thing I did was go to the Flex Seal site and told them that not only did they annoy me but they lost all future sales and any recommendation I would ever give for their products. Phone sales may work for companies but I consider it more than annoying, I call it extortion as they anticipate less strong individuals will buy stuff just because they dont want to be rude.

2015-07-18 20:24:46
Works the same in my iPhone 4s.

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