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Latest Comments for 209-681

2015-07-17 20:50:14
If it is coming from craigslist, he got in trouble once already try to talk to some woman on there behind my back and I told him that was the last straw, if he does it again, I\'m history, that is why I\'d really like to know what those texts are for, some were every 2 to 3 mins. even though he didn\'t reply to them.

2015-07-13 20:36:29
hugo hugo hugo hugo hugo hugo hugo hugo

2015-07-21 03:41:13
If you name has been on the do not call list for 31 days and you are still getting calls then file a complaint on the site. It is the only way they will know you are still being harrassed

2015-07-23 23:36:02
Called at 8:30 a.m.I be not answering any number outside of my area code. As others indicated on here thats portfolio collections. No matter, no answer as in I never answer their daily phone calls.

2015-08-09 00:40:48
this doesnt work, my phone is registered. these calls still come through.

2015-07-26 02:29:15
Same thing only i hear a beep just before it says goodbye and disconnects.

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