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Latest Comments for 248-659

July 23 8:57 pm
I got a call from the same number saying they were from Microsoft... MS would not call about a trojan horse or any other issue on my PC. Heck, I cannot even get anyone to talk to at MS when I need them! These guys need to be tracked and eliminated... Whatever, DO NOT send tehm any money or open your PC to them.

July 19 12:53 pm
Certain your number does not go on a marketing list when you offer up your private number to this ...service?

July 21 3:22 pm
first of all. feds dont have to call your number to put on a wire tap. the feds listen to every cell phone call there is. freedom baby its called the Patriot Act.. the all zeros coming up on the phone is a cheap bill collector or somebody selling something. so as long as youre not a meth cook or pedophile dont worry about it

August 15 6:42 am
Some kind of "its your luck day" sales deal. I hung up right away.

August 27 4:47 am
Call at about 11:55 CDT in Texas. Didn't get to phone in time, left no message, call back was busy. Have gotten several of the lower interest rate calls on same cell phone and home phone in past.

August 16 7:13 am
Twice received call from this no but no body speaks

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