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Latest Comments for 302-853

2015-07-09 13:47:57
I\'ve sent this phone number to the REAL DEA and they have this person\'s IP address and all his info. Thaey are on to him!!!

2015-08-05 20:11:44
All those numers are: 904,905,906,907: lets see if they on908?

2015-08-18 23:52:37
I got a text telling me to evacuate the Gratuate Studios on Third St. But I don\'t know this number OR what place they\'re talking about.

2015-07-03 05:46:10
Trouble is, when I answer the phone, they hang up immediately. Its the calls from 000-000-0 that do this. I also received a call from supposed Cardmember Services, and when I asked to be removed from their list, the man on the phone started saying obscene things to me. I told him I was recording his mouth, and he told me to stick the recorder up my ***! What a jerk he was!!! I reported the incident to the FCC, and they said they would handle it. I havent received any more calls from that number lately.

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