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Latest Comments for 303-551

August 5 7:16 am
These people are hackers. Theyre not really from Microsoft. Microsoft doesnt contact people by phone for a supposedly virus on your PC. They gain your trust and you allow them to hack into your pc by either visiting their website that does the phishing on your PC to gain all your personal data and hack into your accounts and get your credit card information. I suggest you install norton 360 on your pc and take advantage of all it hastoffer. Its well worth the money you spend on it. Also, if you have comcast for your internet provider, you can get it for free. Hang up on these guys and girls when they call. Tell them you work for the FBI and youre aware of their scheme and their number is being traced.

July 4 8:25 am
Received same message as Melissa - on my work pager.

July 9 8:18 am
I am having this same trouble with this number (202) 204-2043 UGH!!!

July 14 2:05 am

July 7 2:44 pm
Got an INTERNATIONAL BILL for $45 on this number!  Said it was a dropped cell phone call from Grenada.

July 15 3:46 am
Called and hung up right away

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