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Latest Comments for 313-318

August 21 6:03 am
And we should go through this with every single company that does this?I started getting such calls in less than a month of getting a new phone number. I have better things to do with my life than respond as you suggest.

July 13 12:54 pm
Continue to get calls from this number. Have gotten them before, but caller(s) change AC and numbers when they evidently are about to get arrested...which they should be. Callers sound foreign. Have recorded and contacted FCC. So far no luck.

July 27 9:29 am
I googled Thoroughbred Research and got this number, called and got a real person...he said he would talk to IT

July 8 4:40 pm
Rcvd text saying I won a $1000 Wal-Mart giftcard.

July 20 3:30 am
Same thing just happened, a person with an Asian accent called in English from Quebec Business Development Office (which does not exist) to find out if we had found our new location. Told her we had everything we needed and that our address was still the one she had. Tried to tell me she wasn't trying to sell anything but was updating some business directory. She was obviously upset, but stayed polite, to hear me resist her attempts to find out more.

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