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Latest Comments for 314-622

July 27 3:55 am
I have been on the Do Not Call List for almost a year and I still get these kind of calls.

August 2 8:27 pm
the number 1-866-379-2003 is for the company that sells the product Hydroxatone. You can see and watch there adds online and on TV all the time its a cream that supposed to help with puffy eyes dark circles and those oh so other horrible things that happen to our faces as we get older. lol lol ha is there web address if anyone wants to check it out and or remove there name and address from there list.good luck is all I have to say they call me at least 10 times a day, I finally had to get real rude with them and threaten a lawsuit before they left me alone there web site is

July 20 12:18 pm
oh [***]...even i got the call from this no. i dint receive coz in india every call starts with +91 ...but there were no std code. I dont knw whose no. is it.

July 11 8:31 am
Indian or Pakistani tech scammer. Ignore the calls. Block them. Do not allow anyone access to your computer. Do not return the calls.

August 4 2:37 am
Sundance Vacations saying I have great news. I won a car that I signed up for at Dorney Park In July. Did some research and found out it is a scam. Told them that I don't want anything from them. They will not stop calling

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