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Latest Comments for 360-735

August 20 9:16 am
got this while on the phone with important call. They did offer an opt out but that usually only tells the you listened.

July 21 10:18 am
Same for me but used the name Agent Tony Foster and also Agent William something. Ive been calling him over and over harassing him and he now just tells me F-off. I think he has one line and I feel the more I call and harass him, the less time he has to scam others.

August 24 8:09 am
Harrassing sweepstake calls

July 6 11:39 pm
We are a business, and are constantly interrupted with this number showing on the ID..It says "plant test Me." and when we tell them not to call again, which we have stated numerous times, they hollar at us and get real nasty. What makes them think that we would ever do credit cards with them???

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