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Latest Comments for 402-662

July 20 4:03 am
Thats not true. He does not have to give his email and password for this to happen. It happened to me also and it also was viagra. Im a woman mind you. I dont see the connection between the phone call and the email though. This email thing happened to two other people I know with other ads.

August 18 2:28 am
This number just called. Asked for my husband. I asked who they were. Said Lifestyles something. Thick accent. Told him to take us off call list. He said no and that he would call tomorrow and day after. I swore at him and hung up. Its Christmas!! Best part... Called back from unknown number asked if I was the one who swore at him .. Said yep.. he started swearing at me!!! Made him even angrier that I was laughing so hard because his accent made him totally mispronounce the swears!!!

July 16 8:16 pm
I just had this happen... they just say Goodbye.

July 1 12:35 pm
try this website and you will not get no more spam phone calls i guarentee you it works. I dont get no annoying calls at all. I have been like this for the past 4 years. If I change my number I make sure I register my number into this website to prevent annoying calls.

August 25 9:05 am
LOL! Sure they transferred money to your account. By golly, start spending it then. You are as much a scamming liar as the people doing this.......oh wait, you probably ARE the people doing this

August 8 6:12 am
Called multiple times. No messages left

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