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Latest Comments for 402-662

July 26 4:05 am
I have been receiving these for a few months and since my number is a measured service via VirtualPBX, each recorded message costs me money.Today, I sent another email to VirtualPBXs support line, reported it my local BBB as a fraud alert, and also just filled an online complaint with the FCC. Typically you can follow the money to find the reason for deceptive practices, but I dont see any commodity or value in these calls to anyone. Maybe our phone companies receive enough revenue that they subscribe to these somehow?

August 17 1:57 pm
I find the ``do not call list`` to be of no use but I have a phone service through Shaw that has call blocking. I dial *60 and it will block the last call to my phone. It works unless they use another phone number and I just keep adding!

July 26 5:32 pm
This number calls me every once in a while (always in the evening) and leaves the EXACT SAME two second long voicemail in which a creepy robotic voice (with a slight Scottish accent) says something that sounds like "jeremy fithe" or "jeremy fight ya". I personally think its kinda funny.

July 12 9:10 am
The guy calling said he was with US Healthcare. He saw that I was eligible for extra benefits on my plan. Knowing that my health insurance was not with US Healthcare, I just let him talk for a minute. He said he wanted to help with any out-of-pocket expenses on my medical and dental bills. I told I had no out-of-pocket expenses, and he hung up on me. Yes, these people waste our time, but sometimes it's kind of fun wasting theirs.

August 6 8:13 pm
I was on a long distance call on my cell phone and switched over for this pre-recorded message. Thanks for the contact information. Does anyone have a number to call or web site to contact to stop these types of calls? It would be much appreciated!

July 19 4:48 pm
Calls everyday, several times throughout the day and will not leave a message.  From reading the previous comments, sounds like they are some sort of solicitor.  Very annoying....

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