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Latest Comments for 413-585

August 29 12:23 pm
Right on Douche Hater. Scumbags like MPG are either debt collectors from Clinet Services or some suck up that makes a living off of other peoples misery and misfortunes. I know people that fell vicitim to predator lenders(which I am sure MPG was before he became a debt collector), lost everything, people who were bankrupt fighting cancer, and other victims of predatory credit card companys that in 2008 changed interest rates from 6% to 30% over night. These scumbags are benefiting from the corrupt policies of this Presidents Chicago Thug Criminal Administration in which Jamie Diamond(Chase) has been able to rape most of America all the while attending White House events. MPG (F U) and the other heartless POS that are debt and misery collectors. And OBTW I pay my bills, but have watched what these parasites have done to our Country. Who IS John Galt?

August 17 11:57 pm
10is not political but away the fedschave ur phonectapped I know cause that the number that called mecan itcwas fed an they got. Sued watch what u say its notcacjoke

July 19 8:36 pm
I had a missed call from 480-663-9527. I am on the do not call list.

August 15 10:55 am
not my account I wont. I have blocked any and all third party billers from attaching any bills to my phone bill. If they do, Verison gets to deal with paying them etc. I dont have to worry about these fools doing any such thing because I never answer their calls. No fool here!

August 15 10:59 pm
me too, except the yahoo username was andreachick5

July 4 4:28 am
I received a call to my land line phone at 6:30am. I answered, no one said anything.

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