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Latest Comments for 509-297

2015-07-18 12:43:56
Hey, sorry to bother you but is it any specific prison or all of them? A post on here a bit further down mentions taylorville prison but I am unsure that I know anyone that would be in Taylorville. Other places maybe but anyway. Any input would be appriciated

2015-07-04 11:25:28
I was paying the cell phone bill when I noticed an unknown number. Also video and picture messaging at this number as well. The address is This lady pursued many men I see. She is a w***e! It\'s a shame when women can\'t get their own men and have to stoop so low and pick up guys that have someone in their lives already.

2015-07-25 08:02:58
hang up when she call, don\'t want to see textes either.

2015-08-22 10:47:03
they\'re constantly calling my phone. when I tell them they have the wrong number they hang up and calling back.

2015-07-18 00:09:08
Idk but they didn\'t even speak English!!

2015-07-21 04:25:48
Insurance robo call. Get so tired of these jack***es!

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