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Latest Comments for 512-288

2015-08-09 19:30:15
Looks like spam, smells like spam, must be spam.

2015-07-18 19:41:37
I actually got a call from that number just now aha. They were trying to confirm something about me winning a contest and other stuff like tickets and etc., then after she talked for about 5 min, she asked for my age. After I told her I was 18 and is a sophomore in college, she asked for my mom...I felt a bit awkward about that but I guess. I told her that I havent contacted my mom in years so I guess she felt bad and apologized then asked if I was single. I said yes, and she goes Good for you! To the singles! I am single too! Yeah, it sometimes is better to be single I just kind of replied with a yeah.. and then she says she will call back again later..which I doubt & hope she doesnt. I found ti kind of funny that before she hung up, she blessed me for being so nice to her...She mustve gotten a lot of bad calls. Man, Im never gonna pick up calls with a 408 area code again.

2015-08-17 07:53:47
Today is the first time they ever called and of course I didnt answer. I dont answer strange numbers I dont know. Now Im upset reading about what these sick people do. Why is it that scams like this are allowed to continue for so long? I have health problems, I dont need this sh#% on top. We dont pay our phone bills to be harassed.

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