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Latest Comments for 516-989

August 24 5:02 pm
I have been receiving the same scam calls too. So when one shows up, I call Verizon Wireless customer service and they are super friendly when I call. They help me block the specific numbers, that call.

July 22 2:28 am
Folks, do not answer these calls. Verison says its a scam and the caller gets money when you answer the call. Theyre also doing it with 800, 866, 855 numbers.

August 10 3:47 am
I got a call on November 10, 2012 from 000-000-0 at 6:03. That was 8 days after my 32 year old son passed away. I got a call from the same number today, November 30, 2013 at 5:57. Isnt that odd?

August 22 9:23 pm
Cheap eldrely hooker I fukkd. This ho was like 47years old and her twat smelled like its has already deceased

July 20 8:34 am
A few days ago, Wells Fargo began calling me asking for Jose Garcia.  That's not me, and I do not know a Jose Garcia.  I tried to tell Wells Fargo that they had the wrong phone number, but they continued to call me repeatedly looking to harass this Garcia. I learned that they operate out of Portland, OR, and have working for them & making phone calls a bunch of dumb-a** flakes who don't care to correct their employers mistakes. Next I began calling them back posing as Detective Sergeant (fake name inserted here, make one up) from - make something up here such as the California Bureau of Investigation, Div. of Consumer Fraud Investigation. You can be creative as long as it sounds "official". I told whoever answered my call at Wells Fargo that I was conducting an investigation into their harassing phone calls and needed to collect information, such as their full name, position with Wells Fargo, the street address of where they were operating from, etc. When the person I was speaking with began to hestitate or refuse to answer my questions, I asked to speak with their supervisor. Yes, sometimes I was put on hold for a few minutes, but I hung in there. They almost always take me seriously. I just wanted to shake up the people I was talking to into thinking that maybe their operation was using at least questionable, maybe illegal shady harassment techniques, and maybe they should quit working for Wells Fargo lest they personally get into trouble with the police.  Maybe these people I spoke to will spread the word to their fellow workers that their employer was being investigated by the police. Maybe my readers here might want to try what I have been doing as a way of getting back at Wells Fargo.  Give it back to them, with my blessings!

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