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Latest Comments for 517-627

August 10 11:42 pm
i got call from same no. but didnot answer , i am from saudi arabia

August 18 12:17 pm
You clearly work for First Priority Recovery, so let me lay it out for any other visitors to this site who are looking for info on this company.They are far from professional and considerate. A woman named Char (Shar?) spent the better part of 15 minutes in a screaming match with me, trying to convince me I had an unpaid payday loan from 2005. She claimed to be in the investigations department, and that a civil suit was being filed against my social security number. I have *never* taken out a payday loan and left it unpaid, and grew increasingly suspicious at Chars attempts to get me to pay $350 or face a lawsuit. When I suggested that it sounded a bit like she was attempting to extort money from unwitting victims, she told me to have a good day, and that her phone calls would continue until I paid up.I made one last call to this company to request a debt verification letter showing that I indeed owed the debt they were asking for. This was 3 weeks ago, and lo and behold, nothing has shown up. If this was indeed a debt I owed, and First Priority Recovery was indeed contracted by a payday loan company to collect on unpaid accounts, then I would gladly pay any and all amounts in full. Sadly, I dont believe either of these to be true.At best, First Priority Recovery is a junk debt buyer with no knowledge of how to distinguish unpaid accounts with paid accounts. At worst, they are attempting to extort money for made up debts by using threats of legal action. If you receive a call from 855-652-2161, do yourself a favor and dont answer. Its not worth your time.

July 6 2:51 pm
Can you send me a picture to see if its the same guy?.

August 11 2:49 pm
Ive had multiple calls from them for a while now and I wont pick up the phone when I see their number displayed. They are a credit card processing company. Their website says they are BBB accredited which when checked out at BBB, you will see that there is an alert on them. Their BBB rating is an F. The reason is that they have a history of violating the BBB name and logo policy. They are obviously very untrustworthy and youd have to be short of more than just a few brain cells to do business with a company like this.

July 6 10:06 pm
I wish he would stop testing me all day. And he can't even rap.

August 4 11:23 pm
SCAM - John D. O'Brian senior, calling to schedule immediate process of service, but states I have a right to have an attorney present. For service? I am no idiot, moron!

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