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Latest Comments for 541-817

2015-07-20 08:53:24
Got more information about 312 625 1402.   They said to call back at 855-841-6089.   This second number is for a scam that is already well documented on this site.

2015-07-07 04:00:05
Hello All,Im receiving the same messages, on average about three per week and always after normal business hours. The name and number are always spoofed, so there is no point in trying to trace or block the call. Here is what I suspect is happening:Some geek is upset with a third party (based on comments, Im guessing its the Canadian Embassy in Havana), and has written an auto-dialer to harass them. The autodialer calls our numbers, and then conferences in the third party. Then, it drops off the conference call leaving our voicemail on the line with the third party.Our company is based out of Oakville, Ontario (a suburb of Toronto). We use WebEx for our conference calls. Does anyone else have this in common? Im trying to figure out what the link is between us.Good luck, havent figured out how to stop it yet.

2015-08-04 19:39:24
Michael who or what office do I report them to in our Tenn Attorney General Office..I do not like this at all! they are driving me crazy so I am about to change my number they leave their name and then asked my daughter who they are speaking with...I do not think they should ask for a childs name at all!

2015-08-15 16:01:13
I received i phone call by this number

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