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Latest Comments for 570-237

August 23 2:31 am
This # is texting my wife about how [***] he is and about the size of his [***] and he wants her to call.

August 16 9:06 pm
Ronald Jackson from legal department at Pacifico Credit Services left message ion my voice mail saying they have a legal case downloaded against my social identity. That if I fail to call them they will contact my current employer and references. I will lose my job and to call before I find myself behind bars. What a crock.

August 29 10:49 pm
This number texted me at 4:00 am, it woke me out of a dead sleep. They are offering a "free" ipad, yeah right !!! This kind of thing has to stop.

August 7 10:17 am
A guy called me from a company Lapiz and he was selling me some services but suddenly lines got cut. Please check your lines before you call.

August 11 5:34 am
man i keep getting calls from this number and they hang up when i answer..its at night and during the day....i have no caller ID...but i did *69 the number...i will have to block it...

July 11 7:08 pm
I think it is Ellis University... That makes sense because I recently inquired about VA approved schools. I answered my phone twice and those panzy a***s don't say anything.

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