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Latest Comments for 573-690

July 12 9:31 am
I just came home from school and saw this weird number call me 3 times in a row

August 30 5:27 am
I just received a call from them on my home number, just save it on the phone and block the number.. :PJe leur fait un doigt lev bien haut!!

August 19 6:45 pm
If you name has been on the do not call list for 31 days and you are still getting calls then file a complaint on the site. It is the only way they will know you are still being harrassed

August 13 9:53 am
THey called me and said they were from Mark WIlliams office and some kind of fraud investigation about being fired from my job. They sound like they are middle eastern but they sound like a scam and are using scare tactics. I got two calls from them in a row and had trouble understanding thier message as they can hardly speak English. I was hoping I would find more info on their company online. Someone who knows please post anything you find out! THanks

July 25 5:09 am
We had several calls from this sicko pervert...He would talk very nasty to my wife and even mentioned my children...We traced the number, and it belongs to William Crockett from Racine, Wisconsin...

August 13 8:21 am
Getting stupid texts saying my number won first place, and to visit some site to claim my prize. Yeah, whatever!

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