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Latest Comments for 607-320

August 28 3:50 am
6000 cote des neiges montreal Why would you need their address its all over the web Karaguizuan had his office on queenmary raided by cops do u need more info same partners Daniel Talafre the scammer and Steve Geffin the scammer of last scam that almost go caught by cops

August 12 4:14 pm
received text message re: winning a contest with a URL link

August 22 1:19 pm
Credit card solicitation to lower interest rate scam

July 9 11:14 pm
It's a scam, got the same phone call for a $7000 grant, probably the same indian woman. After I told her I thought it was a scam, she directed me to this same number, and the guy answered just as you said. I told him they could mail me the check, and he said it would be delivered the next day by a FedEx guy, but first I would need to contribute $99 to a charity for kids. BULL. I live in Texas, why would they be calling me from WA, and at 7:00 at night, and why do I need to deposit money into a mysterious account first? I've gotten about 3 other calls like this before, and this one was the most creative, but definitely a scam. Hope you did not fall for this, and anyone else reading this who gets the same call, be warned. These people should be in jail

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