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Latest Comments for 608-544

July 11 11:03 am
What address do they show on the letter, assuming you got it US mail.

July 22 12:48 am
Dont you realize that this person may be a paraplegic (or other disabled) who has to use a mouth held instrument to point to letters on a computer in order to communicate? Its not easy, so making corrections doubles, or more, the effort. I hope you never have to find out the hard way.

August 24 1:45 pm
Got a call from a 410 exchange and the guy said he was with the fraternal order of the police. I had been getting 800 # calls over and over, and if I answered they hung up. I one day called this number over and over until this guy answered and said he was collecting with the fraternal order of police. I told him to take me off his list - and I questioned why they always hung up. I looked this up and it was a cell phone number. I blocked that number. When I got the 410 fraternal order of police call the guy was strange and I asked him not to call again. He persisted - I persisted. I don't believe he's with the fraternal order of police. Immediately when hanging up with minutes I got a call from this 304 number and a child kept asking me who I was - or they sounded like a child. I asked who they were and they giggled and said a bunch of nonsense and hung up. AFTER THEY HUNG UP THE 410 # DISAPPEARED FROM MY CALLER ID - NO KIDDING!

July 18 3:02 am
Have had several texts from this number on all of my cell(s) and this is very frustrating and a major inconveince.

August 24 2:31 am
It rung then they hung up,I'm blocking it right now

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