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Latest Comments for 610-326

August 2 5:04 am
Hes a black guy and he threaten to slap me... Don't answer...

August 14 9:23 am
Keep getting calls all day into evening; no message is left.

August 22 4:05 pm
I pressed "1" to speak to a live person to request to be removed from their call list......a rude young man, foreign accent, said he couldn't help me.  I asked who he represented and he said he could not tell me and hung up on me.

August 25 2:52 am
My brother received a call today from a Ms. Branson from phone #678-245-4406.  She informed him that she needed to speak to me concerning a summons and that she needed to speak to me today "or else".  First, if this was not spam, she could not, under the penalty of law, speak to anyone concerning any of my affairs unless I have authorized her to do so.  In addition, this is a scam and they are trying to get me to send them money for something that isn't mine.  I spoke with Ms. Branson probably about 6-8 months ago with the same information.  I informed her that if I did owe money that she should send me something in writing outlining who the original creditor was and the exact amount of what was owed.  I was scammed before due to these calls and I want it to stop.  Especially since they are calling my brother, harassing him and providing him with private information.  Brother or not, he was not authorized to speak to anyone on my beha

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