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Latest Comments for 612-673

July 7 5:47 pm
I get GOOGLE calls all day on my business lines... DRIVES ME INSANE!The whole Google listing thing is crap.. You have to keep paying more than the next guy to stay at the top of the google search list.. I want nothing to do with Google..

August 13 8:40 am
It doesnt work! Ive been on it for several years and I have filed complaints about telemarketers. I have more calls now than before Do Not Call started. I think maybe THEY give out our numbers to keep them busy at their jobs, which are paid for with our taxpayer money.

July 16 6:22 pm
Have gotten up to 4 calls in one day from this number. Nobody on the line when I answer.

July 30 3:08 pm
How many times do I have to tell  this company with all their numbers  that James Wyatt doesn't live here. Listen to the recording on my phone This is the Faulkner resident !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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