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Latest Comments for 615-459

2015-07-16 01:56:57
i just saw a charge on my card today 2.99 i called my card co. they said i had to cancel my card and i ask will someone go after these terrorist and they say no too small of an amount!

2015-08-21 04:00:26
Carol - we too get many calls from alleged Microsoft. They hang up the second I say, I did not call you. You called me. I never do business over the phone with anyone I do not call...If theres a problem with my computer, I take it to my computer professional.

2015-08-25 05:54:46
#828-628-4661 I continue to get calls from this 866-379-2003 after repeatedly telling them I am on a no call list. How do I get this to stop. I have been sick and do not need to get up to answer these people who are not on the line by the time I get there.

2015-08-25 12:14:32
I do not know who this number belongs to and if it is a sales call I would like my number drleted from the list. I have lusted my number woth the No Call network. The number that called me is 267-388-1937.

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