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Latest Comments for 618-859

August 22 10:50 am
no sweetheart cause I got T Mobile and they do the same thing to me

August 1 3:53 pm
Apparently likes to call in the morning 7:43 am . Didnt answer because I dont recognize area code. Found out it not a USA area code.

August 1 2:39 am
Thats correct! They called me saying the government randomly selected me for a $5000 grant. Then he asked for my bank info. I asked him, What is my name? He would not answer it then finally he gave me a wrong name. I gave him a bank # and then he asked for the code. I said u dont need the code for deposits, only for spending then I hung up. Its a scam.

July 9 3:34 am
I live in Canada and the same thing with my carrier this had been going on for about 2 weeks 3-4 times a day so i bought a whistle and twice they called and i just blew the whistle as loud as i could They dont call me anymore i think everyone should go to get a loud whistle it really messes their hearing up for a while.

July 29 4:41 pm
will leave voicemail. is a prerecorded computer message about reducing your debt.

July 9 8:54 pm
Some one donated $15 from my bank account to "Obama For America" using my debit card which no one else has authorization to use.  What's going on?  I see now what kind of people want him reelected. DON"T COUNT ON MY VOTE!.

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