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Latest Comments for 620-736

August 24 3:37 pm
I received a letter from them to

August 5 4:45 am
I am with verizon and I have the iPhone 5c and I get these 0 calls several times a week. The coincidence is is that they always call at the times I cant answer, like really early in the morning. I need to answer considering I have to tell them not to call me and ask them who it is, but when I call back the recording says that this number cannot be dial and it says to try again later then it just hangs up.

July 6 3:48 am
2nd call today from the credit card scammers. OF course it is a different number and area than the 1st call. Have called our house probably at least a 1000 times by now, and I still have to wonder who is keeping them in business. Many different scams are being run by the same group of people.

August 23 11:49 am
Let's just let it go. Goodbye!

August 30 4:54 am
Just start yelling profanity at them. It appears to have worked for me. Or it could have been me telling them where I was going to ram the vacuum if they didn't stop calling. Hell try both options ;)

July 16 2:12 pm
I get calls from (202) 204-0474, a land line in Washington D.C., almost daily.  No message is left however.

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