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Latest Comments for 631-761

July 28 3:34 pm
made my house payment early as I was to be out of town so Wells Fargo posts it to the last month and put it towards principal THEN calls me to say that I am late. If it were an even amount 100, 200, 300, etc. I might could understand but an uneven amount like $913.57 that is paid ever month and then they receive it again and apply it to principal? Get RealThe sad part was that the decided to call me at 8:00 am on a Saturday, the only day that I get to sleep late to discuss this and it took about 40 minutes to figure it out and handle it. Sad! So Sad! Wells Fargo employees dont care and it shows. Neither does the branch managers because the late fee was still on the account and I went to explain it to the cashier and was told that I would have to speak to the manager. Then a suited banker boy asked if he could help me and I told him the story and he disappeared and came back and said that the manager said that I would have to call the mortgage department. That bast*rd didnt even come over 2 doors to say, Wow, Im sorry that happened or even a kiss my asp. SO NEDLESS TO SAY, I AM IN THE MARKET FOR A NEW HOME LOAN.

July 4 3:31 pm
Dont ever deal with this scammer he runs CPS scam ccompany has ripped off thousands of merchants total liar retard

July 23 6:52 pm
Called with my neighbor's name and house number, claimed they were "looking through the phone book" and got my name, and noticed I lived on the same street but would never tell me why, then threatened me.

August 26 7:32 am
Called here about 5 minutes ago, I picked up and heard a click.  If they want to really talk, they will call back and I will give them a dose of their own medicine..... <eg>

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