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Latest Comments for 646-443

2015-08-17 06:07:27
block all texts and calls

2015-08-04 02:12:32
All my numbers are on do not call lists at state and federal level. This may reduce calls but it does not stop them.

2015-07-25 20:06:53
I, as well as many thousands of others, have registered the Do Not Call list with the government. It does not work because i, and the many others, still get the calls. I just got one this afternoon from the 000-000-0 number. The Do Not Call list does not work for most of us but Im glad it works for you.

2015-08-12 19:56:42
Also there is an angry criminal that posted the original post to expose competition in hopes to get more elbow room for his own scheme. If you wondering where the spam is it is in the original posters choice of user name 888-965-8850 the owner of the number, why wouldnt it be?

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