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Latest Comments for 661-802

July 11 4:28 am
so do you and John really think that some spammer is going to be on the web reading this forum and go oh.they dont want me to call them any more? PLEASE grow the hell up. No one on this forum can tell them to stop bothering YOU. Block the number, dont answer, whatever. But please quit posting such absolute ignorant [***].

July 6 12:17 pm
Just let the phone ring. No voicemail. This was the second time in 24 hours they have called.

July 30 10:05 pm
timeshare spam hidden inside a political survey

July 14 12:33 pm
LandSafe is a legit company, Bank of America uses them, as well as a number of other banks and mortgage lenders.  Due to privacy reasons, they will not be able to disclose who your lender is until they have verified that they are speaking to the correct person.  This is for your privacy.

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