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Latest Comments for 662-846

July 29 7:32 pm
After a ton of calls and then friends and family getting calls I decided to contact the police. Was told this company is buying charged off credit cards from years ago and harassing people for the money along with interest. Im not sure if they are real names, real officer but was told they have been harassing a lot of people in my town. I filed a report with the police and if any thing further happens the officer said we will take the next step.

July 9 12:46 am
There was a call from Mr. Santiago at the law firm of Norman, Kalinas, and Associates on our answering machine tonight supposedly for us about a matter that has been ignored for quite some time. The threat was that if he doesnt hear from us by 5 PM June 24 he will proceed with action against us. He lesft the number 800-356-3713 for call back and a case number. We have no oustanding debt, nor have we had any, and we have no pending lawsuits. We wont be returning the call but there must be a way to shut this clown down. This cannot be legal.

August 28 6:16 am
I am getting lots  of these calls , usually between 10pm and 5am. No one is ever on the line.

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