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Latest Comments for 704-835

July 27 2:23 pm
Im genuinely worried about your mental health.

July 6 10:03 am
Yep it is GE Capital and I wont bore you with my horrid experiences with them, but I will say that it seems they are taking over, a LOT of things, credit cards, stores etc etc and as soon as I find out they are they have taken over some thing I use for credit and credit purchases, I stop using it. THEY are a nightmare and I refuse to be bullied by this company.If they were to take over EVERY credit card and account I have I would dump them all and be better for it. I lived for years and years by paying for things with a check in the mail or after saving for it... before and I can do it again.Stay as far away from these people as possible and you will be a happier camper!

July 25 11:09 am
Immediately Called this number back after receiving 4 calls in a row and said this number was no longer in service. Scam!

July 14 3:08 am
Bills they do tell u to return there call or its the end of the would!

August 10 1:29 pm
This number calls me every single day. I have no idea who it is. But I just got a new number and am thinking that it's a debt collector from the previous owner of the number.

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