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Latest Comments for 712-947

August 20 12:50 pm
Have gotten several phone calls from 800-861-9027 rings once or twice and no voicemail

August 8 12:26 am
OK, Lawanda, if all thats true why are you here? Why would you look up a number and go to a web site designed to identify unknown callers. You shills just dont get it do you? Whatever these people paid you to post this nonsense (the going rate is $2.00 by the way) was an absolute waste and will most likely have the opposite effect. You know who these people are, so why on earth would you come here unless you were coerced into doing so. Perhaps you just work for these creatures or maybe youre an owner and this site is cutting into your scams. Whatever the reason, you are going to have to be more clever. This charade is too easy to see through.

July 17 10:25 am
I had some phone calls from these ppl about 2 years ago about a payday loan debt. I did some research by calling the ppl I actually had a payday loan with and they had no record of my loan anymore gave me the numbers to their collectors and with much effort I got a hold of the right company. I got them to send me letter in writing of this little debt I had left over from 7years ago and paid them. When the scammers called me back I let them know the debt had been paid and I had proof in writing from the actual company that the pay day ppl hire. They wanted me to send them this letter with my confidential Information on this. I told him sure and they left kindly left me alone. Now they are getting ahold of ppl once again that know of me and are harassing them often. All of a sudden Im getting calls from them again. Same number as per above. No chances of being sued or having a warrant for my arrest. Its terribly wrong and stressful to have this continue to happen. I will report this to the right authorities today. Waisting time. I hope they get caught. I didnt know we had a jail/prison for debtors and debtors that pay their debts. Which obviously are no longers debtors these idiots.

August 17 8:01 pm
This is a telemarketing company that doesn't stop calling when when you ask them to stop. They are also very rude when you try to tell them you are not interested.

August 19 9:23 pm
my phone tap to the police

August 27 7:14 pm
Got anbother one just this morning and there's no way to call them back.  Why is the Skype logo there?  A telemarketing ad?

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