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Latest Comments for 715-449

July 28 5:55 pm
The DO Not call list does not stop these people from calling. Legitimate companies pay for the list and enforce the idea that their sales/marketing people cannot call people on the list. THere are fines for calling people which increase with each violation. I worked for a company that had a system for blocking outgoing calls to people on the DO not Call list and if you managed to bypass the system and someone complained and the company was fined, the offending employee had to pay the fine. However, unless people complain to the FTC (877-382-4357) or to the do not call registry () these companies will keep calling. So #1 do not answer the phone and use the blocking function on your phone or through your cell phone carrier and # 2 stop complaining on these boards and complain to the people who can actually do something to stop these nuisance calls

August 2 4:43 am
I answered this call when it rang- it was a recording stating Congratulations! You have been selected for a free cruise to the Bahamas!... at this point I hung up and blocked the number.

July 30 7:14 am
Liars scammers ripoff artists con artists lie about rates leases everything stole $1000s from me they are a bunch of scammers in a boiler room in Montreal on cote DES neiges should be shut down by cops but they keep going with same scam and lies Run by Michael Karaguizian Daniel Talafre Steven Geffin

August 27 8:24 pm
recording selling car insurance

August 2 9:01 am
A women called and said she was from florida and that she lost weight and if I wanted to find out how she did it to press 1.

August 13 4:55 am
medical alert sales something or other

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