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Latest Comments for 716-563

August 12 11:06 am
This is information for anyone who is getting these kind of calls. It doesnt matter if your finacial world had the bottom dropped out (such as mine has). Life is life and whether it be a loss of job, loss of income or the weather has put a damper in your one has the right to call you with these kinds of calls. Do as I did... go to the nearest store (Wal-mart, K-mart, local fishing store) and buy a little pocket size air horn... Dont get frustrated when you see this number or any other creditor that is calling. Tell them politely once the reason why your late and that as soon as possible you will make up the payment (s) and you dont really want to file B (the word they all dont want to hear) and that you will no longer take their harrassing phone calls. Then after that and your phone rings; answer it, say hello to make sure you get a real human being on the other end... and blow that great little invention right into the phone... Believe me most of these places (Capitol One, Credit One, etc) hires these companies that have only about 10 employees or it is somene working from their home...they will stop calling... NO ONE SHOULD MAKE OUR LIVES MISSERABLE, life does that all on its own ~

July 30 5:16 am
Same thing on kijiji this morning. Text message:Hello,is your auto part still for Sale? if yes, pls email me at [email protected] dont text back pls cos i won,t have access to my phone for now. ThanksScammer got multiple emails with way more info than I asked for. Also I upped the price from 800 to 80 and not one mention of the price screw up

August 10 7:43 pm
I got a call and then it said one of my friends names. i am not sure what it was..I thought they may be in jail it said it was a collect call and then it asks for pin in order to talk. Kinda scared

August 9 3:51 am
called us at 4:22 am & 12 more times every 3 min after

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