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Latest Comments for 724-562

2015-08-21 08:57:00
I sent a  message to alex then got the message above.

2015-07-08 00:53:06
What do you mean by follow through? I have given all of the information required by some spam callers to the do not call website (Ive been on that list for years), and there has been absolutely no follow up from them. None!

2015-07-15 06:03:41
The complaint part on the do not call gov site is no longer active. I cant find a way to report a number :-(

2015-07-09 20:44:02
Then you should have no problem telling us the name and address of this law firm After all, they must have sent you the required paperwork as per the FDCPA regulations. That paperwork would have their name and physical address on it. Of course if you are telling less than the truth about this, you wont come back here and post that information, thus proving to everyone that you work for this company.

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