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Latest Comments for 734-795

2015-08-27 09:24:27
Called me. I live no where near there, so I looked up the number and ended up here. So far no voicemail from them

2015-08-01 04:17:02
2 calls in one day. First one had two clicks and hung up. Second one had a woman who asked for me by my full name and then hung up when I said it was me.

2015-08-10 20:21:26
I have received *many* calls from this number with caller ID Diane Miller, and another 408-264-3228 with caller ID Toby Kerber. The fact that they are one digit apart is not a coincidence. I have answered and heard what sounds like a boiler room or just get disconnected. Why do so many ignore the Do Not Call Registry?!

2015-07-28 11:39:19
Which is why you are required to provide a legitimate, physical address. You minimum-wage cubicle clowns avoid providing that info. dont you? Dont try to play in this sand-box. Well turn you in to something one our cats buried in theirs. Wanna play? Bring it on! Skeff Ett Liv! Gunnar

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