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Latest Comments for 734-854

July 19 7:01 pm
RPM trying to collect on ZOMBIE debt.

August 10 7:51 am
Missed call, no message. Been getting a few calls like this from the 310 area code, all during work around 11:45am.

August 2 7:40 am
I get a call every three days, so regularly, I an practically mark my calendar ahead of time. Everyt three days, even if that third day falls on a Sunday, I get a call from "Smith G Hampton Trey Atty" (as shown on Caller ID). What legitimate attorney calls someone "after hours"? What legitimate attorney calls about a debt that is so far beyond the statute of limitations, it's not collectible? What legitimate attorney uses robo-dialers and automated messages in an attempt to intimidate me into contacting them so they can collect said debt?

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