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Latest Comments for 801-990

August 22 6:35 pm
Its probably the government calling

August 28 1:53 am
I have been on ALL the DONOTCALL lists for several years and every year I put myself on it. I still get calls from stupid numbers like this and more. I have even reported a few of them. The lists dont always work, but they do cut down on the amount of calls. I add the numbers to my spam folder on my phone.

July 29 2:43 pm
Total liar rip off artist evo threw him up fir being a scammer cops were looking for him for last scam he ran with steve Geffin and Daniel Talafre career scammers run as fast ad u can away froThese scammers they are being sued left and right hopefully cops will shut them down soon before they bankrupt anymore small businesses across Canada what s scam

August 6 8:27 pm
I live in Birmingham, Alabama. Our city dropped its daily newspaper a few years ago, so why are these idiots calling? We don't even have a local paper.

July 2 9:54 am
Kevin or do you mean Shawn? or Ron? or Anoop?

July 19 9:54 pm
I received two calls from this number today. On the second call a man with an accent left a message on my answering machine asking me to call him back. He said that he was in Serbia.

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