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Latest Comments for 803-699

August 1 9:23 am
Every time I get that call I tell them I am recording it and that I wish to get a call back number. I have told them I will check with the FBI Internet Fraud Division will pass along their information. They usually hang up immediately.What they want to do is guide you through a process where they will have a remote access to your computer to help you remove the viruses. If you let them get that far, you might as well give them every bit of private information you have because you will be a victim of identity theft shortly thereafter.Just HANG UP!

July 16 6:51 am
Ya i just got this call and im with AT&T... It is an Indian person that keeps saying hello. then he hangs up. One other thing that happens is they call...and waits...and waits...then says goodbye in some kind of recording. :/

August 17 9:39 pm
NO I had a private number call me saying to call this number they had paperwork for me ..called this number said it was corporate office wanted to know if I knew some person said no they said we will take you off this list ..I think it is something to scam

August 12 1:23 pm
Actually, all they did was search county records and then look up the people who owned it or currently owns it. Its a scam. Its not even a legitimate lawyer, county clerk, summons, case/docket number, etc. Its all fabricated. I wouldnt call them back because a lot of times when you call these scammers back, it will actually charge your phone. This scam as well as others have recently plagued many cities here in Arkansas. Just report them to the FTC and your state Attorney General. You can also report the incident to the FBI website, internet crimes division.

August 8 8:56 am
Yes I receveiced an email that I was approved for 500credit line

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