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Latest Comments for 804-474

2015-07-18 11:01:07
this number calls all the time about a suppose loan . they are scams dont give any information out to these people report them

2015-07-13 10:42:24
omg!!! i talked to john blue today. i just got that call today. this was the worse day of my life! i have never been so freakin scared in all my life. 209-396-6904 i could not understand him, and he was very mean and rude and disrespectful. he said i could pay1985.45 right now or go to jail or court would cost me 9000 dollars. everytime i asked him who do i owe this money too, he only talked about the 1985.45  he went back to how ya gonna pay it. told him i was getting an attorney, then he called back with a case #  how can i pay 1985.45 when i  NEVER GOT THE MONEY FROM ANYWHERE. thankyou for letting me know that this is a scam. i\'m calling my phone company and reporting him. this has to stop. i\'ll never apply for a loan online again. ps: i never even got a loan of any i reposted this here, hoping the FBI gets these people!!!! i\'m looking into this further, because i want justice done.

2015-08-07 08:09:30
do not want to talk to ever

2015-07-23 15:52:56
Im not sure what your trying to say, but you may want to try using a Spell Checker!

2015-08-22 01:01:17
I havent ordered any furniture fixit so they didnt get my number from that. I have ordered a couple things online off of an infomercial I had seen. Thats been quite some time back. Not sure when I started receiving these calls, though. I do know that I am getting multiple calls everyday. I dont answer. I did try calling back per one of the previous posts. However, no one answered so there wasnt any options offered. Dont know how to block their number.

2015-07-19 19:49:02
got same question about back pain. hung up

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