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Latest Comments for 806-450

August 9 6:20 pm
Larry,Would love to see the pictures. I am seriously considering this offer. I thought I might use the log kit to build a storage garage to accompany a finished cabin at some point. If research proves this to be a valid offer I just might purchase a couple of different kits. 1 Garage / 1 Home Concerns I have are the size of the logs, 4X8. All the cabins Ive investigated recommend at LEAST 6x8 logs and living in the northeastern corner of Missouri 8x8 is what Ive always leaned towards. R-Factor considerations. Yes, I understand most heat loss occurs through the ceiling & roof. Any information on this company and their product would be e-mail: / Home: JohnKChinn@Centurylink.netJohn

July 7 12:29 am
Lol. Funny call. Man called to tell me that I was being rewarded for paying my credit card on time. I dont own a credit card. Nor do I ever use a debit card. Im a cash man. They tried to scam the wrong person today. I work for the Federal Public Utilities Commission. And I just yanked their certification from file, only to find out they have no authorization to call anyone and offer anything...ever. I just happen to be at work when they cell phone. Didnt address me by name, and I can only say that the call was amusing. I have forwarded a formal cease and desist order to their telephone provider. Consider this matter formally closed. Idiots.

August 23 9:54 pm
Same here - they call twice a day, usually two calls in a row. Never a person or message, just silence. OMG SO FRUSTRATING!!! Called my home phone provider to see if there's a way to block this number (so far, no.) Will try calling the company phone number someone listed below. So much for the "do not call" registry...

August 6 7:42 pm
1 text. Let's go to lunch or movie tomorrowI'll call you tomorrow

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