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Latest Comments for 845-264

July 10 4:27 am
They call me almost every day. Having enough of their shenanigans, I answered, (X) County Sheriffs Office. How may I direct your call? Surprised that the caller didnt hang up -- he launched into his hard-to-understand spiel offering to do duct cleaning. (Yeah, sure, hed clean out my bank account instead.)I interrupted and said, Please hold, Ill transfer you to the FRAUD Section. I put the call on hold. Do you know this idiot was still holding when I checked 10 minutes later? Man, what a persistent fraudster!

August 2 6:43 am
Call received at 10:30p.m. from 526-452-1596 - lots of noise but no talking. Have no idea why they called but judging by previous comments not for any GOOD reason.

August 17 8:56 am
we used to have a nice little company then they got there hands in us and put us out of business

July 8 5:52 am
Unsolicited SPAM offering $1000 in money transfers.

July 24 12:52 pm
This is a persons cell phone number. I called them back and if you talk to them you will no its a real person. He is a sick pervert. He needs to be turned in to someone that will do something about this. I dont how he is getting all these peoples numbers. He ask me to add him on facebook. This person is pretending to be a company and get peoples ss#. He is not a company please dont fall for him. Everytime he called me he used a different name. This is a Newman,CA cell phone number NOT a company of any kind. Someone please tell me how to turn him in a I will. I just dont know who to turn him in to.

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