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Latest Comments for 860-512

2015-07-05 16:48:37

2015-08-20 23:52:09
PLAYS GAMES don\'t waste your time

2015-07-18 19:29:53
Got text message from 210-201-4275 saying \"Target Winner #15599 We have selected You for a free Target gift. Redeem your $1000 Target gift card now at\"

2015-08-07 16:42:13
I received a call from this number and a man named Jack Dawson. He told me that I owed over a thousand dollars to the irs for an unpaid amount from 2008 to 2012 and I could only pay him in cash. When I asked him what I didnt pay he said he couldnt tell me and that If I didnt pay the cash that I would be issued a warrant for my arrest. I refused and said that I want to.know what I didnt pay so he said that he would send a team of people to my house within 45 minutes. Well no one came to my house. People please be careful it also happened to my parents do not give them any info. I called my local police and was told to ignore it because it was most likely a telemarketer looking for money and if anyone came to my house that couldnt show me official ID then to call them back.

2015-08-15 07:09:37
They are calling me as well - never answered it.

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