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Latest Comments for 870-502

July 24 12:18 am
I had a kitchen installed by Kitchen Carolina and had great service from them. All the installers were very polite and the install went very smooth. From the sounds of all of these posts I am one of the lucky ones and it sounds like I got mine started and comepleted just in time. I was put on a reference list for them and started getting 7-10 calls a week from potential customers who wanted to know about my experience with KC. I had nothing but good things to say about them because I had such a good experience and a beautiful kitchen installed. If any of the posts on this list are people I spoke with I am truly sorry. I had no idea. I feel so bad about this I feel like I have been scammed as well. Sounds to me like they started getting greedy and selling WAY more jobs than they could keep up with.

July 19 5:08 am
They will call you a millions time a day! To be rude or just not speak! When they do speak they can barely speak English! WTF

August 16 4:54 am
Just bought a new tracphone and this number calls incessantly. Any idea how to get them to stop?

July 19 11:46 pm
They got my voicemail and didn't leave a msg. When I called back I was immediately placed into their voicemail with an outgoing msg that says, "Hello, thanks for calling. If you wish to be placed on our Do Not Call List, please press 1, now." The msg. ended and then the phone call ended.

July 20 12:58 am
Got a call at 9 pm, automated voice saying my Bank card has been limited and could easily be reactivated if I gave them the info. I did not of course. This is indeed a scam and they did have my correct bank.

July 6 6:13 am
I received the same person calling me from this number BUT they said they were in the Automotive business, and gave me their business name, that does not exist. I assume its a total scam... a fishing expedition of sorts.

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