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Latest Comments for 906-451

2015-08-11 17:05:27
Got this same out of area call, twice!  First time my husband answered, could not understand heavy accent.  Second time I answered and tried... This person wanted me to go into my computer so that he could delete viruses from my computer.  He said Windows had been receiving error messages from my computer that were potentially dangerous.  I said I wouldn\'t do this for someone over the phone.  He said he would refer me to a website so that I would see this was legitimate.  I told him I didn\'t believe that Windows would fix a potential problem in this manner.  He said, Please, let me help you with this.  This is very serious problem.  I said no thank you and hung.  Please be aware, folks.  Never trust people over the phone with any personal information.

2015-08-04 00:54:38
Just received a call from them promising me 9200.00 in grant money because the government had chosen me to receive it.  Told me that it was because I had payed my bills on time and that my credit rating was high enough.  LOL I have unpaid medical bills and I have NO credit record and I can\'t even get a credit card because of it.  Verified my name and address since it was public knowledge anyway but when they asked how I wanted to receive this money they wanted to know if I wanted it put into my bank account.  NOOOOO not gonna get my numbers for nottin.  [removed:lang]

2015-08-29 12:58:26
This is becoming annoying

2015-07-23 09:20:22
started getting calls 3 days ago 5 and 6 a day we have centurylink, I leave it to answering machine 1st time asked for my hubby by name and kept saying hello, now nothing. It is very annoying

2015-08-02 00:33:25
call from member rewards? no message on macine.

2015-08-09 00:46:23
I also got a call from 440-220-5202 about a pending lawsuit against me. The caller left a message on my answering machine saying he was ERIC AKEN, of C&H NATIONAL,pretrial intervention, if I or my attorney didnt call him back today that he would submit the case to the courts. We looked the number up and it is from Willoughby, Ohio, but there was no listing at all for C&H National. This is the second time they have called. It sure sounds like a SCAM !! I will be reporting this to my local Sheriffs Department and would report it to Federal Authorities, but have no idea who to call for that. I am a SENIOR CITIZEN on a fixed income with all of my facalties, but feel sorry for those of us who arent.

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