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Latest Comments for 917-682

August 8 3:30 am
I just got a call from this ( 01 ) number which looked strange to me already.I picked up the phone and he asked if the owner of the company was there to talk to, but what worries me the most is that he had called out the name of our business. then i checked the number out on the net and found this here. i am a bit confused.what is all this i have to worrie now?

July 7 4:21 am
Turn on your call block and use this code 000 000-0 and 100-000-0 and 000 000-0 use them all you want be worry by them anymore.

July 14 3:24 am
just got a call about the same thing. He Wanted my birthdate. I told him if he got my information from the government then he would have that. Then i asked him where he really got my info. He said well i guess you dont really want the 12500 i said nope sure dont and i dont want you to call me anymore either. Lol

July 20 6:38 pm
My wife got a call from this number (150) 553-1666.  She didn't answer it because it didn't recognize the called ID.  Left no voice mail message.  Any ideas who this is?

August 19 6:54 pm
OMG you are ridiclous! Caller ID does not mean that that is necessarily who called you. Sometimes the caller ID doesn't get changed when a number is no longer in use! I bet you called the cops too! if you didn't want to talk about your health over the phone with a DR then make an appointment.

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