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Latest Comments for 919-396

2015-08-11 23:20:24
Yes, it\'s Bosley Hair.  They call and when I answer they say nothing, just breathing and rustling.  

2015-07-21 08:04:02
just got a call from this number.. who is it ?

2015-07-27 04:54:01
I would reccomend never calling numbers back. Had an experience once called the number back and got a 1000$ charge to my phone bill for calling an out of country number (even thou it was a 10 digit number with no country code prefix... strange right... but the phone company removed it still thou its a part of some scams)

2015-08-11 10:00:32
It is Portfolio Recovery Associates, a debt collector. Apparently I owed $3200 from an old debt. Well, I paid it off, right over the phone, and they promised me they wont make a judgement against me. Whew.

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