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Latest Comments for 937-240

2015-07-11 18:38:22
Got a call from this number recently. I think it\'s the same tele-scammer that calls me at least once everyday (Monday - Friday), usually around the same time, but with a different number each day. I don\'t answer, and they never leave a message. My policy is that I don\'t answer the phone unless it\'s from someone I know. Plus, I won\'t hear the ringer anyway ... I have the normal ringtone set to a very silent ringtone. Only friends, family and contacts have regular ringtones, so I\'ll hear when they call and I\'ll answer the phone for them. Oh, and I have any unknown numbers set to \"automatic reject\" so they won\'t even get a chance to ring my phone! I used to really hate these tele-scammers, but now I get a little satisfaction knowing I\'ve wasted some of their time! Maybe if more people do like I do, the tele-scammers will only be wasting the time and resources of the telephone service providers, and then, maybe the service providers will take some action against them. One can hope....

2015-08-01 05:27:08
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2015-08-26 14:28:42
Call from 001 203 001 2125 to my private ex directory number 10 Jan 2015 at 1640 GMt. taken by my answerphone as I didnt answer. Caller hung up once my message started, no message left by caller. How did they get my number?

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